Registration Data

Company name: FRAS-LE S.A. 
Address: Rodovia RS 122, KM 66, nº 10.945 - Bairro Forqueta - Caxias do Sul, RS
CEP (Zip Code): 95115-550
Telephone: +55 54 3239-1000
Fax: +55 54 3239-1921
CNPJ/MF (General Taxpayer`s Registry): 88.610.126/0001-29
NIRE (Company Register Identification Number) : 43300004350
Registration as a Publicly-Traded Company with CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission): July 20, 1977
Registration number with CVM: 00621-1
Independent Auditors: KPMG Auditores Independentes
Listing on Stock Exchange:  B3
Ticker : FRAS3 (common shares)
international securities identification number (ISIN)- Common shares:  BRFRASACNOR0
Corporate Governance Level: level 1
Shares Services Bank:  Itaú Corretora de Valores S.A.
Publishing Newspapers:  Legal publications and other Notices to the Market will be published in the newspapers, Diário Oficial RS and Folha de Caxias RS, and Material Facts will be published in the portal


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